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Past projects



Content Marketing in monthly packs. It was meant to be a productized service for businesses in Spanish, but I early discovered that the angle was actually to offer it to English-speaking ones that had a desire to enter the Spanish market.

This has been my one and only solo project (but it sure won’t be the last). It took me 2 months from idea to launch the website, and I schedule 2 sales calls in the first week.

Why it didn’t work out: I was recruited by Intrro, where I currently work as Marketing Lead.

What I learned: creating a website from scratch, discovering a better angle to the business and iterating, finding a niche, having my first sales calls, generating leads, focusing on what’s important to keep a business up and running.

When: June 2020

Where: Tbilisi, Georgia

URL: escribio.es


Remote business mastermind groups, the people you meet once a week to start to discuss your business and make it grow.

This is the first project we started with Mariano Martene, around the concept of peer-to-peer mentoring. We started and executed it for around 3 months, and we onboarded 2 trial customers.

Why it didn’t work out: we had no experience nor being a member nor facilitating a mastermind session or group, which made the social proof very hard. I believe that, in the end, we also lost interest.

What I learned: prototyping from idea to proof of concept, business model, starting a blog, asking for anonymous feedback, iterating fast.

With: MarianoMartene.com

When: July 2019

Where: Bansko, Bulgaria

URL: thehiive.team