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My story

I come from Patagonia, Argentina. Born and raised. I studied Social Communications to be a journalist, but soon I understood that the kind of journalism I believed in didn’t exist. My business spirit took a few years to kick in, and it formalized with a resolution. “I’m going to France for a year”, I said to my parents in January 2018. They only started to believe in it when I went to the Embassy to get my visa. I crossed the Atlantic in December 2018 and I feel like I’ve been away since forever.

Recently I discovered I’m a Scanner, a person that has “intense curiosity about numerous unrelated subjects, hopelessly interested in everything, who doesn’t specialize in any of the things she loves”*.

Some of my many passions are startups, marketing, writing, photography, yoga, traveling, reading, wakeboarding, singing, and eating pasta (or anything, really). But that doesn’t mean that I don’t have a North. I do!

I want to continue contributing to growing the startup ecosystem on a global scale, especially for women and other underrepresented groups. I believe with all my heart that startups are the key to better wealth distribution, and to accomplish that, it should locally be accessible to all. May we all feel empowered. May we all rise.

*Extracted from the book Refuse to choose! by Barbara Sher.

What I stand for

Teamwork, diversity, and inclusion. I believe that the most creative and innovative solutions are the result of mixing different life experiences and professional backgrounds. Diversity of thought is an abundance of ideas.


People-centric companies. Like any institution, companies are built by people and for people as their ultimate goal. The only way to building ethical and sustainable technology is to consider the social implications at its core.


The difference between good and awesome is the extra-mile. A product is as strong as the tiniest of its details. I work to excel, any less is not enough.


Enjoy the ride. Here and now. Siempre es hoy. Breathe.


Exercise creativity every day. It enables us to build things in innovative and more sustainable ways.


Startups are the answer to a better wealth distribution at a global scale. Imagine a world full of small and medium businesses doing what they do best. Competing ethically in equal conditions. Nobody else but customers deciding what they’ll consume today. Utopian? Yes. Naive? Never.

Work bio

Now Marketing Lead at Intrro, hire from employee referrals.


My last jobs include:

Content Marketing at Octopush a French remote-first company for Mobile Marketing & SMS.

Operations & CX at Poket, a Fintech trading company for LatAm (acquired by Inversor Global).

From the same founder I was the Investor Relations of South Ventures, a Venture Capital for LatAm.