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The butterflies within

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She never felt something was wrong with her, but doctors kept saying that actually there was. At first, they thought she had problems in her stomach, for almost everything made her sick. Then they thought it was psychological (‘cause everything is psychological) and they made her draw, and play games and it was all very entertaining as she remembered- but they arrived at no conclusions. 

She now recalls her mother’s garden, full of flowers for every color of the rainbow. Some of them were big and voluptuous like apples, others were fragile and tiny as feathers soaring in the wind. She couldn’t resist them, the temptation was so strong, almost like a necessity like breathing or sleeping or singing. The mystery of the missing flowers… her mother thought it was a goat because no traces were left behind. But of course, there was no goat, that was so illogical.

And besides, who else could possibly be? Naturally, she had to feed the butterflies within. 

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